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My history of coffee shops...

To be honest, I am not positive what the name was of the first coffee shop that I ever visited. I believe it was Speakeasy in Seattle, which was a favorite hangout of mine in 1997. I also frequented Sit and Spin, and several other little coffee shops in the Seattle area before I moved back to Indianapolis in 1998.

From there, I hung out at the Lockerbie Coffeehouse, as well as the Abbey, the former now closed, and the later moved. I had a fling with one of the regulars at the Lockerbie before I got married to my first wife in 1999.  I stopped going to coffeeshops, as my first wife didn't like me doing anything that could be considered fun unless she was having more fun. The one exception was walks with my father to Cornerstone Coffee, now sadly devoid of its former personality.

Well, that lasted until 2002. Once again, I looked for a coffeehouse in which to hang out. A stint at Shorty's, which was more of a 24 hour greasy spoon, hanging out at Denny's and Perkins, and finally coming to rest at the Corner Coffee. After a few visits, I happened to meet up with a library sciences grad student. Within a week, we were dating, and within a month and a half, we moved in to an apartment above the Corner. On the day we moved in, I proposed, and a year after we met, we were married not six feet from where we had met in the Red Room of the Corner Coffee, which, again, sadly, closed two weeks later because of an egotistical landlord. We have remained friends with the owners, but still seek a place to hang out.

Weekly, I meet my best friend at Hubbard and Cravens in Broadripple, and then walk over to the Scholar's Inn to meet my parents and wife for breakfast and coffee.

You could say that I am addicted.


Well Hello again everyone who happens on this page.
Feel free to post anything you want about coffee shops, coffee beans, coffee in general, etc..

May  I suggest you check out coffee forums


Lots of info and tips on just about anything.



I haven't had coffee in so long!


Coffee Resistance

Poll #1139009 Coffee Resitance

How long can you go without coffee?

One hour.
About one day.
About one week.
About one month.


A list of some places whose coffee I immensely(extremely enjoy) enjoy:

2-Seattles Best
3-Coffee Mug
4-Park Place Coffee and Crepes
5-Dutch Bros.

Anyone agree/disagree?

List some of your favorite places to go for a cup of joe.

zomg music

Zomg best woot coffee song ever. True story of my g/f's life when this happens.



WOOT coffee is totally the most amazing substance in the world.

Recently i had coffee with the love of my life. The coffee
was amazing and so was she. Yay coffee experience!


Welcome to Coffee Banter!

So pretty much this community is centered around talking about your experiences with coffee, or just...memories. Whatever you want that deals with coffee!

You could talk about: A delicious coffee drink you have recently enjoyed...An encounter with someone at a coffee shop...A thought you had while at a coffee shop...A date you had.....at a coffee shop perhaps?

The point is! Have some fun posting anything you want about coffee!